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Described as “old and curious playing cards”, his display at the London event on February 14-17 included facsimiles of 17th century French tarot cards by master playing-card maker Jacques Vieville.

A qualified auctioneer and valuer who organised a one-off ephemera auction for Chiswick Auctions in November 2017, and plans future similar projects, Poposki is an IT network engineer and consultant as well as a collector and dealer in ephemera.

Ephemera collector and dealer Robertino Poposki, pictured at a recent Ephemera Society fair with uncut sheets of Italian playing cards from 1830, printed in the 1920s and ’30s, one priced at £125.

He said: “I love the design and unusual imagery in early playing cards; in particular tarot and various card games are my favourite sources of original artwork. I am especially interested in original card designs and drawings, uncut sheets and printers’ proofs.”

Poposki, who is from Macedonia and who has lived in London since 2002, added: “As a child, I was interested in my father’s stamps and coins collection and carried this passion into my adult life. I got serious about collecting these along with ephemera about 20 years ago and gradually the pastime became a professional interest and I started dealing. My website is still a work in progress.

“Playing cards-related ephemera is not cheap as they were not produced in great numbers. Prices go up for the Victorian and Edwardian handmade, unique samples. This can be an original artwork for a playing card, or a hand-drawn postcard on a playing card-related subject postcard. The prices for these range from £50 upwards.”