Simon Shore of 1793 gallery.

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1 What do you specialise in?

I’m a jack of all genres, master of none.

2 How are you encouraging new collectors to buy outside London?

Stow on the Wold now has one of the largest concentrations of art galleries outside London and next year a group of us are launching Stow Art Week. It will be a collective enterprise pitched to attract customers old and new.

3 What challenge do buyers face?

The decline of the traditional fine art fair is denying buyers and collectors access to large markets of good dealers under one roof. These shows used to stimulate activity throughout the trade and it seems we will soon be reduced to a couple of behemoth shows such as Frieze Masters and Masterpiece, which serve only high-end dealers.

4 What is an example of an exhibition at your new space?

I recently discovered the incredible sculptor Charles Hadcock, whose monumental bronzes have been exhibited at the Guggenheim, Chatsworth and all over London – they make the heart beat a little faster. I’ve managed to hoodwink him into having a solo exhibition at 1793.

5 What is one artwork you would love to have in your home?

I have always felt that Turner’s The Fighting Temeraire at the National Gallery has too much exposure and would be better placed over my mantelpiece – it might give other paintings a chance in the limelight.

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