View of a Garden by Thomas Churchyard of Woodbridge is offered for £1400 in the exhibition Artist on the Deben at the East Anglian Traditional Art Centre.

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Churchyard is the leading figure in the loan and selling show, which runs from October 13-27 at the East Anglian Traditional Art Centre.

Though trained in the law, he long harboured a desire to become a full-time artist, illustrating a book of botanical subjects and painting extensively in his spare time.

He was influenced by the art of John Crome of Norwich, collecting his paintings as well as those by John Constable and Thomas Gainsborough.

During a short stint as a full-time artist, Churchyard specialised in landscapes but found the market for his works difficult, and returned to work as a solicitor.

Today, however, his pieces regularly command thousands of pounds on the open market, with examples sold during the past two years at McTear’s, Roseberys, Dominic Winter and other auction houses.

The oil on panel in question is thought to show Cumberland Street in Woodbridge and is inscribed TC and Kate (the name of the artist’s daughter).

The East Anglian Traditional Art Centre opened near Woodbridge last year and focuses on painters who worked in Norfolk and Suffolk from 1750-1950.