The ever-useful wrapping in use to protect antiques.

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In this era of growing ecoconsciousness, however, we’re getting some push-back from buyers on our use of bubble-type wrapping to package their items, not least because it can’t be placed in kerb-side recycling bins.

Would ATG readers have any advice on recyclable alternatives?

We hope other dealers, or perhaps auction houses and collectors, may have experience with an eco-bubble type of packaging that protects objects from damage, but doesn’t cost more than the plastic version.

As a business, we’re looking to become more sustainable anyway. We already recycle plastic bags and, where possible, the bubble packaging that protects our items in transit is making its second and third appearance.

We’d hate to see the bubbles go completely: they do the damageprotection job well, with the bonus of ‘pop-ability’ that comes in handy in times of stress.

Antiques dealer in Surrey (name and address supplied)