Mark Peaker of 3812 Gallery, the Hong Kong dealership that set up a branch in London last year.

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1 What is something people don’t always realise about your field?

The diversity of Chinese contemporary art. Our gallery has worked on promoting this to the global market through our knowledge of Chinese social and cultural development.

We offer a new perspective and encourage appreciation of the artistic and aesthetic quality of Chinese art, beyond the cliché imagery usually profiled by western viewers.

2 What is one challenge that buyers currently face?

The international economic environment is unstable, which makes buyers and collectors cautious.

However, with 3812’s expansion to London, we’re continuing to see stronger interest in Chinese art which promotes Eastern origin in modern expression.

3 What is one project you are working on this year?

We’re promoting a number of post-war Asian artists such as Hsiao Chin (b.1935) in London and promoting his first internationally published catalogue raisonné.

4 What is exciting about the market this year?

The growing international interest in Chinese contemporary ink art. This month, Calvin Hui, co-founder of 3812, launched the INK NOW art expo in Taipei. It featured new works such as AI Gemini, the world’s first artificial intelligence ink ‘artist’, invented by Victor Wong.

5 One object you couldn’t do without?

My glasses.

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