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The wordplay (punning or humorous would be stretching a point) you employ to introduce otherwise well-written articles is becoming tedious and repetitive.

For example, in issue No 2378, without really searching: The floral shell shock; Iron lady’s press coverage; Any old iron; Pub pair serve up antiques; Moon case set to shine; Drawing conclusions; A toast to the Pelham Olive (tankard); Buyer shells out; Petrou bell on a high note; Lantern clocks illuminate Essex; Hydrangea vase blooms; Durham Ox beefs up sale; Circus is big top lot; Famous cricketer graces plate.

ENOUGH! If you print this (doubtful) please don’t headline it with an equally trite headline!

Tim Ensor (trading as One Man’s Treasure), Bingley, West Yorkshire

ATG replies: We aim to inform first and entertain second. We believe our coverage should always be accessible and never dull. Our news stories tend to have ‘straight’ headlines, other reports can be accompanied by something lighter and brighter and your feedback reminds us to strike an appropriate balance.

As an extreme example only, below we have removed all wordplay and creativity from the headlines in Art Market in issue No 2378 to make it as tedious and repetitive as possible – your actual ATG will never read like that.


Mock-up of Art Market ATG No 2378.