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1 What is one great discovery you have made?

In the last year or two the best was probably an early 18th century American sampler dated 1745 (pictured above) from South Carolina. I found it in a £100 job lot of pictures and sold the sampler on for nearly $70,000 back to a museum in the US.

2 What is one challenge facing dealers at the moment?

I think whatever happens post-Brexit there will be difficulties with cross- Channel trade. It will be extremely challenging to those who rely on trips to France and Italy particularly to buy, as well as for all the Continental dealers who exhibit at fairs such as Battersea.

Obviously everyone’s nervous about how things are going to pan out, though I think most dealers are naturally good at living on their wits and will make the very best of what comes.

3 What is one thing you always ask clients?

Have you measured properly to see if it will fit before we haul a large piece of furniture half the way across England and find it won’t go up the stairs?

4 What is one key piece of advice for dealers?

Dealing always feels easy when it’s going well.

When you’ve hit a bit of a slow patch (which we all do), remember that the next great opportunity may turn up unexpectedly the next day so keep searching and being positive and the ball will get rolling again.

5 One item you couldn’t do without?

My deliciously comfortable 8ft-long Howard & Sons sofa with down-filled cushions that I collapse on to at the end of the day.


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