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The fair, which ran from March 7-10 at the Pavilion, is organised by Sue Ede and Peter Hodder of Cooper Events, after taking it over from dealer Robin Coleman, who founded the fair. Coleman was among the attendees at the fair’s trade day last Thursday.

“It’s kept its integrity after all these years,” he told ATG. “I was very happy to pass it over to Sue. We ran it on a shoestring and it reached to point where it needed a professional hand. This fair is a place where, if you want to furnish a house, you can do it all here.”

Something different

“Buyers here do like traditional objects but are still looking for something different,” said Mark Stacey, who reported that animal paintings and ceramics sold on the first day.

Among the exhibitors were those who have stood at the fair since its earliest days such as Terry & Marie Antiques and Cherrie & Michael Todd.

It continues to attract newcomers (as well as some dealers who were not born when the fair started).

Among the first-timers was Matthew Horsfield of Room, making his fair debut. He dubbed the event an ideal place to showcase his style, which combines traditional and contemporary decorative pieces.

The fair is a destination for those in search of traditional decorative pieces and also offers a selection of fine art, Swedish furniture, textiles and more.