Among the Getty’s purchases at Christie’s New York, a c.16th century BC Minoan blue chalcedony tabloid seal cut with three swans – $95,000 (£73,000).

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The Los Angeles institution acquired 17 of the 40 Masterpieces in Miniature consigned for sale on April 29 by the heirs of Roman art dealer Giorgio Sangiorgi (1886-1965).

Highlights from the acquisition, in Switzerland since the 1950s, include two of the greatest-known ancient gems. A Roman intaglio portrait of Antinous, superbly engraved in black chalcedony c.130-138AD, sold at a record $1.75m (£1.35m) while a Roman amethyst ringstone with a portrait of Demosthenes, signed by the late 1st century BC court gem engraver Dioskourides, took $1.3m (£1m).

“The acquisition of these gems brings into the Getty’s collection some of the greatest and most famous of all Classical gems,” said Timothy Potts, director of the J Paul Getty Museum. “But the group also includes many lesser-known works of exceptional skill and beauty that together raise the status of our collection to a new level.”

All 17 gems, costing a total of $7.65m with premium, will be featured as part of a special exhibition opening at the Getty Center in December highlighting recent acquisitions. Following that, they will go on view at the Getty Villa.

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