Dealer Henry Miller.

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1 How did you get your start?

I have been collecting art since I was a teenager. The first piece I bought was a poster by Andy Warhol for the film Querelle, which I still own.

But it wasn’t until 2013 that I decided to take a break from my career as a lawyer to do the MA history of art programme at Christies Education. It gave me the confidence to turn my lifelong hobby into a business, and I haven’t looked back.

2 How would you describe your business?

Henry Miller Fine Art’s tagline is ‘focusing on the male form’. The collection spans many years from the 16th century to the present, and includes paintings, drawings, prints and photography.

I am not aware of another gallery anywhere in the world that has such a focus, particularly in relation to older works.

3 What is one highlight item in your stock right now?

I have a lithograph by Erich Heckel, (German, 1883-1970), entitled Dancing Sailors, from 1917. During the First World War, Heckel – one of the founding fathers of German Expressionism – was a stretcher bearer in Oostende.

The lithograph is extremely rare in that it documents, in an especially tender way, the communities of men which existed there at that time.


Dancing Sailors, an Erich Heckel lithograph from 1917 on offer from Henry Miller.

4 Who do you admire in the world of art and antiques?

The British artist, Michael Leonard. Most famous for his portrait of the queen (the one in a yellow dress with a corgi, which hangs at the National Portrait Gallery), Michael has had a very successful career, first as a commercial illustrator, and then as a ‘proper’ artist (as he would call it).

I was a huge fan of his for many years, and I am now privileged to sell his work, some of which I shall be showing at the fair.

5 What do you collect personally?

Other than pictures, I have a very small collection of Korean ceramics that I absolutely love. They are known for having been hugely influential on early British studio pottery.

My husband is Korean, which helps when shopping for such items there.

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