Charles Miller offers two examples of fans marking Nelson's victory at the Battle of The Nile in his November 5 auction, estimated at £600-800 each, including this example.

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Charles Miller offers two examples in his November 5 auction held in London, estimated at £600-800 each.

One is a commemorative paper fan titled Glorious Victory of the Nile, 1st August 1798, while the other titled Nelson Victory celebrates the same battle with a list of the ships and guns in the English and French lines, and the names and steps of 18 New Country Dances for 1799 mostly relating to naval themes.

Miller says that “all fans which commemorate the British naval victories of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars are considered rare and most of the few examples recorded celebrate Nelson’s final and greatest triumph at Trafalgar. Those for his other victories, including the Nile, are even harder to find.”