'Sieg', from German sculptor, painter and architect Bernhard Hoetger’s most famous work of art, 'Licht- und Schattenseiten' (Light and Shadow), has a starting price of €3000 in the sale at Schops & Turowski in Krefeld on November 23.

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During his four-year sojourn there, he created his most famous work of art, Licht- und Schattenseiten (Light and Shadow). It consisted of 15 ceramic figures which were executed in Kandern by the factory of Max Laeuger.

The installation juxtaposed seven positive light figures, including Hope, Faith, Truth and Love with the corresponding shadow figures, such as Greed, Anger, Revenge and Perfidy. At the head of the composition stood the central figure Sieg (Victory), an example of which (above) is coming up for sale at Schops & Turowski in Krefeld, Germany on November 23.

The only standing figure of the group, Sieg, which measures 2ft 2in (66cm) and owes a great deal to Oriental Buddhas, symbolises the victory of Light over Shadow; the central message of Hoetger’s composition.

The starting price is €3000.