A selection of gems offered at Woolley & Wallis.

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1. A late Roman gold marriage ring, c.4th-5th century, depicting a couple beneath a Byzantine cross, estimate £3000-4000.

2. A Hellenistic jasper intaglio depicting Pegasus, 2nd-3rd century BC, estimate £6000-8000.

3. A Hellenistic amethyst intaglio probably depicting an Egyptian queen, estimate £4000-6000.

4. A Roman chrome chalcedony domed intaglio depicting a satyr praying to a herm, 1st-2nd century, £3000-4000.

5. An early 19th century agate cameo ring by Antonio Berini (1770-1861) depicting Gaius Maecenas, estimate £2000-3000.

6. A Roman amethyst intaglio depicting a bull with an urn, 1st-2nd century, £2000-3000.