Taiwanese dealers Haiwei Shao (left) and Daniel Hong travel to the Peterborough festival to source antique jewellery.

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The pair’s clientele tends to be 30-somethings, “with an appreciation of luxury items”, looking for one-of-a-kind pieces, from Ancient Greece and Roman Empire era, through to Mid-century.

“Design and quality are our guides,” says Shao. “The sellers here can tell us the purity of the metals and the ‘four Cs’ of the stones but we research the back stories, which our customers love.”

Among the pieces Shao and Hong had bought at Peterborough was an Edwardian diamond and pearl 18ct gold bracelet for £380.


Taiwanese dealers Daniel Hong and Haiwei Shao at the Peterborough festival.

‘Looking for taxidermy and Victorian furniture’


Oliver and Dorota Sneath of The Sessions House in Spalding visit the Peterborough festival.

Back in 2016, Oliver and Dorota Sneath bought an imposing Grade II-listed Victorian law court building, The Sessions House, in Spalding, Lincolnshire, and have since renovated it as an events venue.

Juggling small children and their jobs in the food industry, the pair make several trips to fairs such as Peterborough, looking for antiques. At Peterborough, they were searching the grass pitches for taxidermy pieces and brown Victorian furniture.

‘We’re the local auctioneer’


The Golding Young & Mawer stand at the Peterborough festival.

With salerooms in Bourne, Grantham and Lincoln, Golding Young & Mawer is a major auctioneer in the vicinity of the Peterborough Festival of Antiques. The firm has taken a stand at the fair for many years, positioned in the foyer outside the main Exhibition Hall.

“We do it for awareness and consignment jobs can follow quickly or long after the event,” says Colin Young, GYM’s managing director. “People know where to find us and if asked about heirlooms, we can often fill in the gaps.”