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1 What are the origins of your shop?

It was previously The Boars Head Inn and we named it in memory of the pub. I work with my father Kevin who travels to auctions while I manage the shop. Having only been open two years, we are still finding our feet. We are a shop of all types of items and we are learning as we go.

2 One great discovery you’ve made?

An antique tiger oak decanter, one of my first true antiques. It was stunning. More recently, we came across a collection of original paintings from spiritual artist Katherine Skaggs. A misprint in the auction catalogue meant these went unnoticed. Our customers have loved them. We still have some of her work waiting to find the right buyer.

3 What is exciting about the market just now?

For me as a younger dealer it is great seeing the growing popularity of items I remember from my childhood. Toys and games from the 1980s and 1990s are becoming very popular, and everything from trolls to old game consoles are really sought after. Collectors and collectables are changing together.

4 What is the best exhibition you’ve visited recently?

Being a mum with young children, I often find myself missing exhibitions, but I did enjoy a visit to Caernarfon Castle this summer.

Some of the items I viewed there (Second World War medals, uniforms, hats, gas masks, bayonets and vintage cooking equipment) are similar to stock I’ve had at the shop. It is always great seeing items like ours in museum-quality condition displayed with their history.

5 One object you couldn’t do without?

Blu Tack. I have found this to be one of the best products to use for sticking price or information tags to most of our items.


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