Drawing of Henry Moore playing table tennis by Michael Ayrton, £5000 from Christopher Kingzett Fine Art.

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Christopher Kingzett Fine Art

This drawing by Michael Ayrton (1921-75) shows the artist Henry Moore playing table tennis. The two lifelong friends were rivals at the game – and apparently Moore usually won. Ayrton may have drawn it for an exhibition of portraits of his heroes, which featured pictures of other artists such as Minton and Sutherland. The pencil and wash drawing is available for £5000.



‘A view of the River Thames from Richmond Hill’ by Francesco Zuccarelli, £150,000 from Dickinson.

Dickinson offers A view of the River Thames from Richmond Hill, 1752, by Francesco Zuccarelli, for £150,000. The artist completed this oil on canvas, 2ft 7in x 4ft (80cm x 1.23m), on one of two trips he made to England. He has applied some topographical enhancements to the scene, increasing the number of grand houses visible from the hill, but the river itself is thought to be faithfully recorded.

Raffety Fine Antique Clocks


George III mahogany musical table clock by Ralph Gout, £48,500 from Raffety Fine Antique Clocks.

An 18th century George III mahogany musical table clock by Ralph Gout, London, c.1775, is priced at £48,500. The verge three-train movement with engraved backplate plays each quarter hour on eight bells and a further musical tune on the hour.

Ed Butcher


1960s Maison Charles Agave a Gorge bronze lamp, £2450 from Ed Butcher.

This specialist in antiques, curios and interiors offers a 1960s Maison Charles Agave a Gorge bronze lamp, 2ft 6in (75cm) high, with original brass and bronze shade, stamped Charles Made in France. It is priced at £2450.

Daniel Crouch Rare Books


‘On the Mode of Communication of Cholera’ by John Snow, £50,000 from Daniel Crouch Rare Books.

John Snow’s 1855 work, On the Mode of Communication of Cholera, represents a turning point in the history of public health. It contains historical and statistical evidence towards his conviction that the disease was passed primarily through contaminated water. The work includes his famous cholera map and is offered at £50,000.



Set of 12 Arne Jacobsen Lilly chairs, €15,000 from Kemnitz.

The Danish dealership is selling this set of 12 Arne Jacobsen Lilly chairs upholstered in buffed-up and later patinated Aniline leather. These chairs were produced from the late 1960s into the late 1970s. These examples were made in the late 1970s and are available for €15,000.

Hatchwell Antiques


Italian inlaid ebonised folding games table, £7600 from Hatchwell Antiques.

Fancy a board game for those long evenings home? This Italian inlaid ebonised folding table, c.1870, contains four: chess, draughts, backgammon and Gioco dell’Ocha (Game of the Goose). As well as the various playing surfaces, the table has four drawers for storing the pieces and counters, one of which can be locked. It is offered at £7600.

Sanda Lipton Antique Silver


Silver George III Corinthian column candlesticks, £6800 from Sanda Lipton Antique Silver.

This tall pair of silver George III Corinthian column candlesticks is offered at £6800. Made in London, 1761, by Ebenezer Coker, the candlesticks are relatively tall, each measuring 12in (33cm) high. The elevation meant that these would have shed more light than the average candlestick of the period.

Olive Mount Antiques


Biedermeier sofa, probably Scandinavian, £8400 from Olive Mount Antiques.

Olive Mount Antiques offers this early-19th century 7ft 4in (2.24m) long Biedermeier sofa, probably Scandinavian, for £8400. Made with satin birch timber heavily carved to created winged serpents or dragons, the piece has been reupholstered recently in black striped fabric matching the original.

Academy Fine Paintings


Nero and the Great Fire of ancient Rome by Eduard Buchler, £59,950 from Academy Fine Paintings.

This painting by Eduard Buchler (1861-1958) depicts Nero and the Great Fire of ancient Rome. The emperor is shown with his attendants, including Seneca and the Praetorian guard, as St Peter and other Christian martyrs are crucified. The fire, which ravaged Rome in 64AD, is visible in the background, and it is this disaster that Nero is said to have ‘fiddled through’ (a myth) – he is shown here with a stringed instrument. The oil is available for £59,950



Trans World Airlines poster artwork by David Klein, £7250 from AntikBar.

David Klein (1918-2005) was known for his work with Trans World Airlines, and the artwork for this poster from the 1960s is held in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection. The abstract view shows Times Square lit up with a TWA jet soaring overhead. It is available for £7250 on the website which features a range of vintage posters.

Ellison Fine Art


Portrait miniature of Prince Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex by Richard Cosway, £7000 from Ellison Fine Art.

This portrait miniature depicts Prince Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex (1773- 1843), the ninth child of George III. He was the only surviving son of the king not to pursue a military career and was known for his liberal views including reform of Parliament and the abolition of the slave trade. Painted by Richard Cosway, this miniature is available for £7000.

Earle D Vandekar of Knightsbridge


British creamware pottery teapot and cover, $6850 from Earle D Vandekar.

This British creamware pottery teapot and cover, c.1755-60, is offered by Earle D Vandekar of Knightsbridge for $6850. The lead-glazed light cream and red agateware piece is moulded in the shape of a pecten shell. The dealer is based in Downington, Pennsylvania.

Frank Partridge


German red and white Jappaned bureau cabinet, £250,000 from Frank Partridge.

Frank Partridge features this German red and white Jappaned bureau cabinet on his BADA web page. It was made in Dresden, c.1720, and is decorated with figures, animals, flowers and birds. The double-domed top encloses a blue interior with a shelf and eight pigeonholes. Offered for £250,000, it has a provenance to Bridley Manor, Worplesdon, near Woking in Surrey.

Finch & Co


Florentine Renaissance bust of Mary Magdalen, £45,000 from Finch & Co.

This Florentine Renaissance polychromed and gilded wooden bust of Mary Magdalen, c.1500-20, is offered by Finch & Co for £45,000. Probably once part of a crucifixion scene, it measures 10½in (27cm) high.

Hilary Batstone


18th century Venetian mirror, £8500 from Hilary Batstone.

Decorative antiques specialist Hilary Batstone’s ‘look’ features creamy monochrome pieces. Among the stock available on the dealership’s site is this 18th century Venetian mirror offered for £8500.

Sarah Colegrave Fine Art


‘The Bell Tower, Lecce’, a watercolour by Robert Banks, £1900 from Sarah Colegrave Fine Art.

Sunny skies and deserted streets make Robert Banks’ The Bell Tower, Lecce a fitting image for these times. The watercolour, c.1970, depicts the 72m-tall tower in southern Italy which has a slight lean due to sunken foundations. Sarah Colegrave Fine Art offers it for £1900.

Rehs Galleries


‘Maisons au bord de la rivière’ by Maurice de Vlaminck, $195,000 from Rehs Galleries.

Over in New York City, Rehs Galleries offers Maisons au bord de la rivière (1915) by Maurice de Vlaminck. The signed oil on canvas measures 2ft x 2ft 4in (61 x 71cm) and is priced at $195,000.

Roger de Ville Antiques


Bristol delftware charger, £995 from Roger de Ville Antiques.

This polychrome Bristol delftware charger, c.1740, painted with a fence, flowers and foliage is available for £995.

Gregg Baker Asian Art


Japanese Edo period two-fold paper screen, £36,000 from Gregg Baker Asian Art.

A scene of two nightingales in flight decorates this Japanese Edo period two-fold paper screen, 5ft 8in x 6ft 2in (1.75 x 1.88m), offered by Gregg Baker Asian Art for £36,000.

Timothy Millett


Silver counter commemorating the marriage of Charles I and Henrietta Maria, £225 from Timothy Millett.

Timothy Millett, who specialises in historic medals and works of art, offers this 1625 silver counter commemorating the marriage of Charles I and Henrietta Maria by P Regnier for £225. The device on the reverse shows Cupid scattering the roses of England with the lilies of France.

Farnham Antique Carpets


Baktiari carpet, £6750 from Farnham Antique Carpets.

Available for £6750, this Baktiari carpet was made in Feridan, Persia, c.1900. It is done in a typical ‘garden’ design, but an unusual feature is parrots in trees. Farnham Antique Carpets offers this item, measuring 9ft 5in x 5ft 3in (2.88 x 1.61m), and all its other rugs and runners with an anti-slip rug underlay.

Tim Bowen Antiques


Oak cabinet on chest c.1820, £3950 from Tim Bowen Antiques.

Made in Laugharne in Carmarthenshire, c.1820, this oak cabinet on chest features on the site of Welsh dealership Tim Bowen Antiques. It is constructed from oak with mahogany cross-banding. The top part is made to a smaller proportion to accommodate the low ceiling of the Welsh farmhouse where it would have stood originally. It measures 6ft 7in (2.01m) high and is offered for £3950.

Amherst Antiques


Tunbridge Ware panel, £925 from Amherst Antiques via the BADA website.

This framed Tunbridge Ware panel, 9 x 7in (23 x 18cm), attributed to Henry Hollamby, c.1870, shows a view of Great Malvern Priory. It is available at £925 via the BADA website.

Maas Gallery


View of Lake Lucerne by James Duffield Harding, £3800 from Maas Gallery.

English landscape artist James Duffield Harding (1798-1863) painted this oil on paper laid onto canvas, 10 x 15in (25.5 x 38cm), depicting Lake Lucerne. Harding was Ruskin’s drawing master and sketching companion and shared many of the critic’s views on the religious nature of landscapes. This sketch, unusually for the painter, does not feature any figures or architecture. It is offered for £3800.

Osborne Samuel


Edward Bawden print, £2800 from Osborne Samuel.

With gatherings called off and retail premises closed, this lithograph after a linocut by Edward Bawden (1903-89) is a nostalgic scene in more ways than one. Leadenhall Market, 1967, is part of the Six London Markets series commissioned by Curwen Prints and made with Curwen Studio’s master printer Stanley Jones. This version, signed and titled in pencil, is a proof from the Stanley Jones Archive and is offered for £2800 including ARR.

Wakelin & Linfield


Mahogany drum table, £8950 from Wakelin & Linfield.

Offered for £8950, this early 19th century mahogany drum table measures 3ft 9in (1.14m) in diameter and comes on its original brass box castors.

AD Antiques


Martin Brothers bird, £52,000 from AD Antiques.

This c.1895 large Martin Brothers bird, 16½in (42cm) tall, has a characteristic sly expression and a provenance to the Harriman Judd collection. It is one of many Martin Brothers birds offered on the site where it is available for £52,000.

Laura Bordignon


Meiji Period (1868-1912) bronze hawk perched on a black and gold lacquer stand, £26,000 from Laura Bordignon.

This Meiji Period (1868-1912) bronze hawk perched on a black and gold lacquer stand is signed in a rectangular plaque: Masatsune chū. Measuring 2ft 8in (82cm) tall, the work is offered for £26,000.

Christopher Clarke Antiques


Mahogany ship’s chair from the RMS Olympic, £2750 from Christopher Clarke Antiques.

This mahogany ship’s chair, c.1911, from the RMS Olympic, is offered on the site of campaign furniture and travel items specialist Christopher Clarke Antiques. Available for £2750, the seat of the chair flips up. Other than that and the legs, it is identical to those used in the second-class dining room of its sister ship Titanic.

Ancient & Oriental


Egyptian faience amulet, £1650 from Ancient & Oriental.

The Egyptian household god Bes, protector of women and children, is depicted here with his typical lion’s mane and protruding ears, wearing a feathered headdress. The faience amulet comes from the Ancient Egyptian Third Intermediate Period (1070-712BC). It is one of a variety of antiquities available online where it is priced at £1650.

Richard Hoppé Antiques


French enamelled scent perfume bottle, £625 from Richard Hoppé Antiques.

This c.1870 French enamelled scent perfume bottle with silver gilt mounts measures 3in (7.5cm) high and is offered by Richard Hoppé Antiques for £625.

Steppes Hill Farm Antiques


Set of 12 Edwardian silver and enamel game bird menu holders by Sampson Mordan & Co, £9500 from David Buck.

David Buck offers this cased set of 12 Edwardian silver and enamel game bird menu holders by Sampson Mordan & Co, Chester, 1904-12, for £9500. The faces are enamelled with portraits of cock pheasants, drake mallards, English partridges,  and red grouse, all in landscape scenes.

Twentieth Century Posters


London Transport panel poster, £1850 from Twentieth Century Posters.

This London Transport panel poster advertises the December 1935 football match between England and Germany at Tottenham Hotspur’s north London ground. It was the first international to take place between the teams in England. The home side won 3-0. Used for display in Tube carriages, this poster was designed by Eric Lombers and Tom Eckersley and is offered by Twentieth Century Posters for £1850.

Cave Decorative Arts


Victorian découpage panels, c.1880, £5000 from Cave Decorative Arts.

Cave Decorative Arts offers this pair of Victorian découpage panels, c.1880, for £5000. Each is decorated with a tall vase decorated profusely with flowers, birds, butterflies and gilt decoration. Découpage, the practice of pasting paper onto a surface, was first recorded in 12th century China but became highly fashionable as a hobby in Victorian England.

Katharine Pole Antique Textiles


Cushion made out of a French c.1830-40 cotton quilt, £250 from Katharine Pole.

Part of Katharine Pole’s business involves repurposing antique textiles into modern items, such as this cushion which was made out of a French c.1830-40 cotton quilt, block printed with red and blue paisley motifs. Backed in hand-dyed 19th century French linen, it is offered for £250.

S&S Timms


Rosewood lamp table, £3500 from S&S Timms.

This c.1840 rosewood lamp table has a circular top with marquetry inlaid decoration. Rising 2ft 4in (71cm) high on a faceted column and triform base, it features its original turned bun feet and is offered by S&S Timms for £3500.

Daniel Katz Gallery


‘The Deux Parisiennes’ marble by Pierre Granet, together for £20,000 from the Daniel Katz Gallery.

Daniel Katz Gallery offers this pair of Parisian ladies from the 1890s, fashionably dressed with fans and puffy gigot sleeves. Both figures have a shoe protruding over the edge of the base, suggesting movement. Carved in marble by the sculptor Pierre Granet (1842-1910), the Deux Parisiennes measure 2ft 1in and 2ft 2in (65 and 67cm) and can be bought together for £20,000.

Cider House Galleries


Portrait of Colonel Thomas Thornton by John Russell (1745-1806), £26,000 from Cider House Galleries.

This portrait of Colonel Thomas Thornton wearing the uniform of a lieutenant colonel of the West York Militia, c.1772, by John Russell (1745-1806), is offered by Cider House Galleries for £26,000. The oil on canvas measures 3ft x 2ft 2in (91.5 x 66cm).



Regency 12-light cut glass and ormolu mounted chandelier, £120,000 from Fileman Antiques.

This rare Regency 12-light cut glass and ormolu mounted chandelier is offered by lighting specialist Fileman Antiques for £120,000. Made in England, c.1800, it measures 4ft 8in (1.42m) high and is similar to a model now at the headquarters of the Bath Preservation Trust.