This large French ebonised mirror priced at £375 features in the Lewes Fleamarket which reopened in June.

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Owned by Alan Wilkinson for nearly 30 years, they are a popular trade and collector pit-stop in both towns. Skeet added: “Customers were genuinely happy to see the return of whatever is normality these days and took the common sense approach to our pandemic guidelines which we much appreciated.

“We are busy in both markets in Lewes and Brighton, although there was a break in the supply chain while auctions, boot fairs and markets were closed. This has meant that the trade were hungry for stock so we have benefited from that.”

Skeet said: “We were really lucky and haven’t lost any stallholders due to the closure and that was helped by incentivising them into staying by offering a rent-free period while we all resettled back into ‘Flea’ life. We have had interest from new potential stallholders but are currently full in both venues.”