Featured on the stand of Michael Baggott Silver and Antiques at 'The Open Art Fair' is a Charles II silver tankard by Samuel Richardson of Worcester, c.1680-5, which will be priced in the region of £37,500. Outside a handful of church commissions, it is the only known example of his work at Worcester.

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First-time exhibitor: Michael Baggott

Michael Baggott is a newcomer to TOAF having never previously exhibited at the BADA Fair. He specialises in antique silver and works of art.


Silver specialist Michael Baggott, one of the first-time exhibitors at 'The Open Art Fair'.

Why did you sign up for the fair?

I was delighted to see that it had opened up to non-members of the large trade associations. It’s giving smaller specialist regional dealers the opportunity to showcase their best pieces in London for a week in a way many of the ‘landmark’ fairs haven’t yet done, so I simply jumped at the chance.

What are you exhibiting there?

After a few personal losses last year I’ve decided to ‘break the seal on the tomb’ and bring a selection of pieces I’ve kept back over the last 20-odd years.

I’ll never find it again and can’t replace any of it but the time is right for me to let it go to a good home – though you still might have to pull some things out of my grip, even when you’ve paid for them.

What are you hoping to get out of the fair?

After a long time away from fairs, I’m hoping to have a thoroughly enjoyable week and see old friends and new. Having to wheelbarrow the cash out of the fair every evening will just be an added bonus.

Returning exhibitor: Anthony Bernbaum

Anthony Bernbaum of The Peartree Collection is among the dealers who have joined TOAF after exhibiting at the BADA Fair. He specialises in Arts & Crafts silver and early-20th century design.


Anthony Bernbaum of The Peartree Collection who has taken a stand at 'TOAF' having previously exhibited at the BADA Fair.

Why did you decide to return to the fair following the change of ownership?

I have exhibited successfully at the BADA Fair for the past two years and saw no reason to change. The location and format essentially remain the same, together with some fresh initiatives from the new organisers that should further enhance the fair.

What are your hopes for it?

I am naturally hoping the fair continues to improve and succeed. I used to go to the BADA Fair as a collector 10 years ago and felt it was a little too traditional. Since then, it has really transformed into something with a much broader appeal to those interested in design and art as well as antiques. I think that will continue.

What will you be bringing?

I will be bringing what I think are some wonderful silver and jewellery pieces from the Arts & Crafts period, largely acquired privately.

Across a range of prices, I will have some great pieces of silver and jewellery by Archibald Knox and Charles Ashbee, a collection of stunning Arthur and Georgie Gaskin jewellery and a Modernist sterling silver tea set by Christopher Dresser.


Among The Peartree Collection’s offerings at 'The Open Art Fair' is this Arthur and Georgie Gaskin brooch, c.1910, which is available for £4950.

Returning exhibitor: Mark Goodger

Mark Goodger Antiques, specialising in antique boxes and accessories, has shown at the BADA Fair for around a decade.


Mark Goodger, who previously stood at the BADA Fair and has signed up for 'The Open Art Fair'.

Why are you attending?

I’ve done the fair for around 10 years and it’s what I consider to be our flagship fair – it’s always been good for us. The location is fantastic and although it has a new organiser, I can only see it going from strength to strength.

What do you think has/will have changed about the fair?

A fresh new look to the fair and different layout should be good. A new team and organiser are always going to throw up issues and differences; no one likes change. But it is a case of working with one another even if there is a difference of opinion. We have to work together for the better of the fair and its longevity. I very much look forward to meeting new faces and potential new customers, and, from experience, this fair does have a good following.


Mark Goodger Antiques is bringing a large collection of tea caddies to 'TOAF'. One of the star items on his stand is this rare George III satinwood cased paperscroll tea caddy. It has an asking price of £12,500.

Returning exhibitor: Patrick Sandberg

Patrick Sandberg has shown at all the previous BADA fairs. The Kensington Church Street dealer focuses on Georgian and Regency period furniture.


Patrick Sandberg, a longstanding exhibitor at the BADA fair will be offering a selection of furniture at 'The Open Art Fair'.

Why are you attending?

I have exhibited at all the BADA fairs and see no reason not to continue even though it is now to be rebranded. The venue is well known and the March date makes this the first quality fair in the year.

What do you think has/will have changed about the fair?

I believe all my clients will visit and probably won’t see much change. However, the new name of the fair, along with the newly targeted PR, will bring a new and younger clientele.