'Pitch Perfect' by David Mach, £2200 from Pangolin London.

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Like the others in the exhibition (such as Ann Christopher, Breon O’Casey and Jon Buck), Scottish artist Mach is known primarily for his sculptures and installations, but another side of his creative work is explored here.

Pitch Perfect measures 20 x 20in (50 x 50cm) and is offered framed for £2200 including VAT.

The third show, Who Will Buy My Dark Dark World, features the work of German-born artist Almuth Tebbenhoff. Originally trained a ceramicist, she now works in materials such as stone, steel and bronze.


A group of pieces by Almuth Tebbenhoff on show at Pangolin London.

A group of pieces seen above include rusty steel boxes populated with groups of hollowed-out clay cubes. Works start at £70 each including VAT.