Mirrors are doing well online at the Blanchard Collective – this late 19th century Venetian example is for sale at £2550.

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Eighteen months ago we wrote a story about the Blanchard Collective in Marlborough, then newly acquired by Katie and Travers Nettleton and selling English, French, Swedish and Italian furniture and decorative antiques to both trade and private buyers.

Now, partner Scott Russell says: “With the re-imposition of the latest lockdown we once again have a considerable number of enquiries through the website with extremely encouraging sales for our 22 dealers.

“These have included artworks, kelims, lamps and mirrors which are all effective in giving our homes a cheery new look in these rather gloomy times. “We have seen a spike in interest and sales within Europe and the US. One hurdle has been the very expensive freight costs so Covid-19 has stopped us from shipping by air.

“Interestingly customers have not been put off by the longer wait for items to arrive by ship.

“Specifically private clients in New York are ordering and waiting eight weeks for delivery.”

Russell added: “The pandemic has brought it home to us how important our website is not just for the dealers we represent but for the customers we serve.”