The letter by Alan Sturrock in ATG No 2457 outlining his concerns over Staffordshire figures being offered in multiple lots.

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This not only applies to Staffordshire figures but other ceramics, glass and many more antiques.

I do realise auctions have always been the domain for antiques dealers, buying multiple lots for stock and being able to sell individual items. But in these difficult times with very few antiques fairs, and a wariness among some buyers to visit indoor venues, more collectors are turning to auction houses to buy and build their collections.

However, at some sales they are finding mixed multiple lots when they want only a couple of the items, and they don’t know what to do with the remainder, so they don’t bid.

More and more common are some pairs of antiques that end up in different lots – and I am now beginning to think this is deliberate!

Surely with more thought and care the overall achieved prices would be higher, making the vendor happier and of course more commission for the auctioneers.

Retired antiques dealer