David Malík of David Malík African Arts.

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As well as dealing, he lectures on African art at the University of London. Malík is taking part in Tribal Art Fair Amsterdam Spring 2021 Online, which will be held at from April 29-May 3.

1 How do you define the area you trade in?

My area of expertise is African art. It is a field that still carries lots of misconceptions and is generally under appreciated.

2 What is one little-known fact about your field?

Just like in any field if you want to do it right, it requires lots of research and education.

3 What is one great discovery you’ve made?

There were many over the years, but if I have to highlight one it would be a Luba Mboko figure which was sold by one small auction house in the USA. It turned out to be a very important object.


The Luba Mboko figure Malík discovered in a small auction house in North America.

4 What is encouraging about the art and antiques market this year?

Gradual application of blockchain technology. But not many dealers are aware of this at all.

5 One question it is important for people to ask before buying?

Is this the best one I can afford?

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