The Edinburgh skyline
Covid restrictions in Scotland were lifted on August 9. Image credit: Andrew Colin CC via Wikimedia Commons.

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More events could be returning soon to the art and antiques calendar as a further relaxation of lockdown rules has taken effect around devolved parts of the UK this month.

Most of the Covid restrictions in Scotland were lifted on August 9 as the country moves beyond its level zero rules.

Physical distancing rules and the limits on gatherings have been removed, and all venues are allowed to reopen.

Large-scale events can resume - but organisers of outdoor events for more than 5000 people and indoor events for more than 2000 have to apply for permission.

Face coverings will still have to be worn in all the same indoor settings as in level zero, such as shops, hospitality venues and public transport.

The Scottish government is also continuing to advise people to work from home where possible.


In Wales since August 7 there has been no limit on the number of people that can meet indoors, including in homes, public places and at events, though face masks are still required except where food and drink is served.

People in Wales should still work from home wherever possible.

Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland indoor and outdoor events are permitted with the organiser required to carry out a risk assessment to determine the maximum number of people permitted.

Plans to reopen conference halls and exhibitions were confirmed by the Stormont Executive on August 12.

Face coverings are still required in shops and the advice remains to work from home where possible.

Across the EU border in the Republic of Ireland organised indoor events are still not permitted but a change in rules this month now allows a up to 200 attendees at most outdoor venues. An upper limit of 500 people is in place for venues with capacity greater than 5000.