This 16 x 4¼in (41 x 11cm) green argillite Melanesian axe blade from the Highlands, Papua New Guinea, dating from the 19th century or earlier, is one of the pieces that Anthony Meyer will show at Parcours Des Mondes.

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An enthusiasm that was initiated at a young age through his father’s fascination with semi-precious and precious stones, Meyer continued his passion for the subject as an adult. “I mainly collected Oceanian axe blades which nobody was interested in at the beginning of the 1980s.”

For this year’s Parcours des Mondes, Meyer, who has a gallery on the rue des Beaux Arts, is putting on an exhibition titled Lithique presenting over 200 stone objects from his ongoing 40 years of collecting.

The ensemble will cover a large part of the world’s art history in cultural, temporal and geographic terms, spanning pieces from the Paleolithic period through to a piece by a contemporary sculptor.

Many of the items are functional such as axe and adze blades, like the Melanesian example pictured here, through knives, spear and arrow points to others that are symbolic and ceremonial.

There is an equally broad price range with pieces starting at €100 and rising to €100,000 and beyond. The exhibition will continue until October 2.