African Fang Betsi male figure from Galerie Laurent Dodier priced in the region of €400,000. Image copyright: Michel Gurfinkel.

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This year the dealer from Avranches in Normandy will be mounting an exhibition celebrating a double anniversary: 20 years of the Parcours and 60 years of trading for the gallery started by his father Philippe in 1961.

He will be featuring works from Africa, America and Oceania and among the highlights will be an 18in (47cm) high 19th century carved wooden male figure from the Fang-Betsi people in what is now Gabon.

This is a piece that passed through the gallery back in the time of Laurent’s father Philippe in 1968 and prior to that was with the dealer Jacques Kerchache.

Figures such as these would have been placed on the reliquary casket containing the remains of the skulls of ancestors. It is priced in the region of €400,000.


Mexican terracotta female statuette which Galerie Laurent Dodier will be showing in the exhibition at the Parcours des Mondes. It is priced in the region of €25,000.

Dodier will also be showing a 9¼in (24.5cm) meso-American, Chinesco painted terracotta figure of a standing woman decorated with geometric motifs. It comes from the Pacific coastal culture, state of Nayarit, Mexico, dates from c.100BC/AD and was formerly in the collection of the French poet and Surrealist Paul Eluard. It is priced in the region of €25,000.

Dodier’s Parcours exhibition will be on show at the Galerie Didier Luttenbacher on the rue des Beaux-Arts.