This carved female figure from the Chokwe culture in Angola, from a private collection in France, is one of the pieces that London dealer Bryan Reeves will be presenting for Tribal Art London. The standing figure, which is thought to date from the 1930s and features an elaborate cross-hatched coiffure, is priced at £2800.

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Rather than a physical presence at the Mall Galleries, which has been its home since 2014, exhibitors will be showcasing the works they have for sale on the TAL website.

The virtual fair opens on September 22 and runs until September 26.

TAL is known for offering a wide mix of global ethnographic arts in terms of geography and values with prices ranging from the low hundreds to over £20,000.

For its first online staging it has invited dealers from round the world to participate. Over 20 have already confirmed including tribal specialists from the US, the Netherlands, Belgium and Australia. New exhibitors this year include Tod Barlin of Oceanic Arts Australia in Sydney and Erick Farrow and Andres Morago both from San Francisco.

Alongside the items for sale a series of lectures will also run virtually through the duration of the fair.