A corner of Durham House Antiques. Photo: Natasha Kennerley.

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“I am really looking forward to when we reopen again as this is a very busy centre and we did so well between lockdowns. I know customers will be back but I very much miss the overseas trade, particularly the Americans,” she said.

Decoratives dealer Natasha Kennerley has a cabinet at the centre and is missing the fairs and markets scene so badly, that she has taken to dreaming about them.

“I dreamt that I was at the Corn Hall antiques market in Cirencester buying reliquaries and feather pictures which is the kind of thing I buy, but it’s a sign of some desperation to dream in such detail,” she said.

“I’d give anything to hear some dismal dealers moaning about brown furniture and the trade not being what it was while trampling you underfoot to reach for a prize.”