Dealer Christopher Kingzett specialises in Modern British art.

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1 What is your area of focus?

Modern British art, particularly Graham Sutherland.

2 What challenges are facing the trade in the coming months?

Still to be standing whenever we get back to normality. A clear disconnect has emerged between online sales which are doing relatively well and virtual fairs which aren’t.

There is a limit to how long one can harass people on the internet and until such time as there is a return to face-to-face conversations in front of the object it is going to be a real struggle.


Graham Sutherland’s (1903-80) interest in insects such as cicadas, mantises and grasshoppers began after his move to the south of France in the late 1940s. 'Sauterelles' (1974) is priced at £24,000 from Christopher Kingzett Fine Art.

3 What is one thing you couldn’t do without?

Telephone number of my IT guy.

4 Who do you admire from the art and antiques world?

Gino Franchi, whose framing makes him the 8th Wonder of The World, Jonathan Clark, the art dealer with the greatest flair in my generation, and James Faber for his idiosyncratic quirky taste in drawings.

5 Real ale or espresso martini?

As Alan Bennett says discussing sexuality: “That’s like asking a man crawling across the Sahara whether he would prefer Badoit or Perrier.”

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