Tatooist flyer
Advertising flyer for Miss Flo Riley ‘The Living Picture Gallery’ – £1550 at Stride & Son.

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He showcased his talents at a number of London venues including the Royal Aquarium, the famed amusement hall in Westminster. He began his run there as ‘Professor T Riley’ in 1896 accompanied by ‘the tattooed marvel’ Miss Flo Riley.

This 10in (25cm) flyer pictures her under the legend The Living Picture Gallery and says ‘Miss Flo Riley explains the designs tattooed upon her and relates how and when she came to be tattooed’.

Ephemera from this period related to tattoos is both scarce and collectable. This poster, offered for sale as part of a Stride & Son books sale in Chichester on June 24, was guided at £40-60 but sold at £1550 (plus 18% buyer’s premium).