Herbert Whone’s 'Glasgow Tram', signed and dated ‘62 – £13,000 at McTear’s.

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The previous high of £11,000 was bettered at McTear’s (24% buyer’s premium) in Glasgow on June 20 when a well-known image, Glasgow Tram, signed and dated 1962, sold at £13,000. It came for sale from the estate of the actor Johnny Beattie (1926-2020).

Whone was born in Bingley, West Yorkshire, where his parents were both employed in the cloth mill, but he moved to Glasgow in 1955, where he took up the position of deputy leader of the Scottish National Orchestra.

He lived there for seven years where he painted a small but notable series of canvases featuring a city in transition. Of this body of work, trams and shipbuilding on and around the Clyde were two of his fondest subjects.