Miniature painted with a double portrait of the Mughal emperors Shah Jahan and his son and successor Aurangzeb – estimate €60,000-80,000 at Millon on June 14.

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The 19½ x 15¾in (50 x 40cm) page, painted in gouache heightened with gold, comes from what is known as the late Shah Jahan album which was compiled at the end of Shah Jahan’s reign.

After the sack of Delhi in 1739 the album was probably taken to Persia but by the late 19th century it was in Russia, sold to an Armenian merchant and then in the early 20th century went to France where it was taken apart by the dealer Georges Demotte and elements of the painting and calligraphy sold separately.

Just over 100 pages have survived. The most highly regarded are those depicting the Mughal emperors. This particular page attributable to the artist Anup Chattar portrays Shah Jahan in later life and Aurangzeb, who took the throne after a war of succession between Shah Jahan’s sons. The fact that the miniature features a majestic depiction of Aurangzeb implies that it was made after his accession in 1658.

The miniature, which has a provenance to a French private collection, acquired before 1974, has an estimate of €60,000-80,000 in the sale of Antiquities, Orientalist painting and Orientalist works of art.