'Purple' Iris by Margaret Mellis is listed in this summer’s issue of The Armchair Art Fair priced at £2400.

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Organised by John and Felicity Rae-Smith of The Rae-Smith Gallery, the printed catalogue lists the stock of nine dealers and was launched in November as a “stylish, prestige magazine” for clients to “peruse at their leisure”. It was a hit, with total sales in the region of £250,000.

Now a second, expanded issue has been published for the summer with around 500 works of art from 15 dealers.

Among them are John Adams Fine Art, Freya Mitton, John Iddon Fine Art, Ottocento Fine Art, Harry Moore-Gwyn and newcomer Oriel Fine Art, which is selling this work of a purple Iris on an open envelope by Margaret Mellis (1914-2009) for £2400.

Oriel Fine Art’s Anna Wakerley told ATG she was pleased to be taking part having missed “the buzz of the London art fairs” and thought the catalogue “signals the return of the hard copy browsable magazine to art collecting”.

Online and paper copies are available from participating dealers.