Dealer Matthew Holder.

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1 How do you define your focus?

It is on early European works of art and sculpture with a focus on the Gothic and Renaissance through to the Neoclassical period. I am always seeking early jewels, relics and sculptures from these periods. However, I particularly covet objects made from exotic materials mounted in precious metals often found in European collectors’ cabinets of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

2 What is one little-known fact about your field?

What’s often misunderstood by many is the amount of time and energy involved in sourcing stock. Hours and hours are spent on the road and scouring the internet to no avail. In order to find and present many objects for sale it can be a lengthy and expensive process which often makes it difficult to keep prices competitive.

3 One question it is important for people to ask before buyiung?

I often make the mistake before buying of not asking myself ‘can I fit it in my car?’. I’ve often made this error and felt a bit ridiculous wrestling my newfound monster impossibly into the boot, although if it’s not the car then it’s the front door!

4 What is one great discovery you’ve made?


A Medieval rock crystal ‘lily cross’, discovered by Matthew Holder.

I have made a few really exciting discoveries which are still undergoing research, so for now my lips are sealed. However, recently I was excited to close a deal with a new client of a Medieval rock crystal ‘lily cross’, Spanish and dating to the 13th century, but remounted with fine ormolu mounts in the Renaissance period. I discovered this miscatalogued during lockdown part 1.

5 Real ale or espresson martini?

Real ale, although I wouldn’t mind a nice pinot noir if you’ve got one.

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