Dealer Esther Fitzgerald.

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1 How do you define the field you trade in/your area of expertise?

I deal in rare textiles from all cultures from the 1st century through to Post-modernism. I have written two books on the The Seed and Spirit of Modernism looking at the textiles of that period.

2 What is one little known fact about your field? Or dealing in general?

That history of textiles is older, deeper and wider than the history of art.

3 One great discovery you’ve made?

Gosh, only one. I discovered an embroiderer called Marian Stoll (1879-1960) who straddled both the Bloomsbury group in the UK and the Algonquin Round table in the USA. She sold a work for £400 in 1925. She was published in The Studio Magazine, Vogue and Time Magazine – a very impressive woman.


Textile work by Connecticut-born embroiderer Marian Stoll.

4 What is one challenge that buyers and/or collectors currently face?

Seeing the object and the dealer in one place.

5 One question it is important for people to ask before buying?

Does it enhance my life?

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