The painting of Lady Nicholson that our correspondent is trying to trace.

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There was a lady who took ownership of The Castle in 1930 called Lady Sybil Nicholson, whose husband was Admiral Sir Douglas Nicholson.

I have been passed a poor image of a painting of Lady Nicholson (above) and I am trying to find out where it is, who painted it and most of all, get a better image of the painting; if it still exists!

Lady Nicholson was born in 1880 in Kensington and in the picture she looks around 30/40ish which would date the picture to about early 1900s. I’m guessing her age and she may be younger or older in the painting.

Someone may have a better idea due to the style or portrait and the clothes she is wearing.

Can anyone help in my search? I would be very delighted if any light could be shed or anything to help me narrow my search.

We only have a small photo of her and it would be great to get a better image of this portrait – she was the only ever owner and resident of The Castle; everyone else were tenants.

Mark Berridge

Castle and library manager The Castle, Bude