Clarice Cliff shape 55 circular bowl, estimated at £100-200 at Leighton Hall Auctions.

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This Clarice Cliff shape 55 circular bowl decorated with the Alton design (supposedly inspired by Alton Towers and the surrounding countryside) comes for sale at Leighton Hall Auctions in Alton, Staffordshire, on November 20 with a guide of £100-200. or see this item at


A watercolour by Peter de Wint (1784-1849), estimated at £10,000-20,000 at Tennants.

The British, European and Sporting Art Sale at Tennants on November 13 includes a watercolour by Peter de Wint (1784-1849).

A View of Whitby looking down the river towards the sea will be offered in Leyburn, North Yorkshire, estimated at £10,000-20,000.

Born in Staffordshire to a physician father of Dutch descent who had recently emigrated from New York, de Wint served his apprenticeship with engraver John Raphael Smith before settling in London.

There he became established as a drawing master and spent most of the year teaching and painting in London, but in the summers he travelled to the countryside where he taught wealthy families and painted his much-loved landscapes. He particularly favoured the north of England, spending much time in Yorkshire, Cumberland and Westmorland. His paintings can be found in the National Gallery and the V&A. or see this item at


Bassett’s Liquorice All-Sorts counter top dispensing, estimated at £300-400 at Chippenham Auction Rooms.

This 12½in (31cm) Bassett’s Liquorice All-Sorts counter top dispensing tin is a rare survivor in this condition. It is expected to bring £300-400 as part of a sale of advertising memorabilia at Chippenham Auction Rooms in Wiltshire on November 13. or see this item at


Miniature six-shot pepperbox revolver by Deane & Son of London Bridge, estimated at £10,000-15,000 at Holts.

This deluxe miniature six-shot pepperbox revolver by Deane & Son of London Bridge is included in Holts’ December 13-14 sale of Fine Modern & Antique Guns in Wolferton, Norfolk.

Made c.1840, the scroll-engraved gilt metal mounts and an ivory grip decorated with tiny gilt pins suggests it was produced for the central Asian or Indian market.

The continental-style case lined in blue velvet includes a diminutive white metal bag-shaped powder flask, a small iron scissors ball-mould, a silver-tipped ebony loading rod, matching horn handled turn-screw and nipple-key and an oil-bottle and bone cap pot.

Estimate £10,000-15,000. or see this item at


Pair of cultured pearl set cufflinks previously owned by James Bond author Ian Fleming, estimated at £800-1200 at Mallams.

The Jewellery & Watches sale at Mallams Oxford on November 17 includes an intriguing pair of cultured pearl set cufflinks previously owned by James Bond author Ian Fleming. He is thought to have worn them to the post-screening party for the Dr No premiere in 1962.

The letters engraved to the back of each panel (WUS, SIL, UDH and NUF) are thought to be a code, although one apparently yet to be solved. The Fleming estate has been unable to elaborate on it.

A gift to the vendor by a member of Fleming’s extended family, they come for sale with an estimate of £800-1200. or see this item at


George III rococo agate, gold and enamel necessaire, in the style of James Barbot, estimated at £3000-4000 at Woolley & Wallis.

This 2in (5.5cm) George III rococo agate, gold and enamel necessaire, in the style of James Barbot, features a white enamel posy to the lower rim reading Votre amitie fait mon bon heur (Your friendship makes me happy).

A red stone push button releases that cover to reveal two glass bottles with gold lids, and various implements.

It is guided at £3000-4000 in the Fine Jewellery sale at Woolley & Wallis in Salisbury on November 18. or see this item at


Edward Burne-Jones work on paper, estimated at £2500-4000 at Lyon & Turnbull.

This 12 x 9in (30 x 22cm) chalk on sanguine paper drawing of a kneeling maiden shielding her eyes by Edward Burne-Jones (1833-98) has a guide of £2500-4000 at Lyon & Turnbull’s Five Centuries sale on November 17-18.

It dates from c.1888 and may have been associated with an unrealised stained glass commission. or see this item at


Satsuma vase, offered at Alastair Gibson Auctions estimated at £2000-3000.

This 10in (25cm) high Satsuma vase is finely painted with a spring processional scene of high-ranking ladies, gentlemen and children in a mountainous garden landscape. It bears the artist’s signature in iron-red and gilt of Okamoto Ryozan, for the Yasuda Company, Kyoto.

At Alastair Gibson Auctions in London on November 18, it is estimated at £2000-3000. or see this item at


Marble bas-relief of The Genii of Music Singing from c.1833-36, estimated at £60,000-80,000 at Bonhams.

Bonhams’ Fine Decorative Arts sale on November 17 includes this 16in (41cm) wide signed Bertel Thorvaldsen marble bas-relief of The Genii of Music Singing from c.1833-36 estimated at £60,000-80,000.

Research suggests the plaque was acquired by a member of the Acland family of Killerton House, Devon, while on the Grand Tour c.1835-36 and may have been a gift from the sculptor to Sir Thomas Dyck Acland, 10th Baronet or his son Thomas Dyck Acland Junior (later the 11th Baronet). or see this item at


Enamel sign for Fremlins Ales, offered with an opening bid of £600 at GW Railwayana Auctions.

This good example of the well-known enamel sign for Fremlins Ales has only minor corrosion around the feet and a small repair to the elephant’s trunk. Measuring 2ft 1in (63cm) across, it comes for sale at GW Railwayana Auctions in Evesham, Worcestershire, on November 12-13 with an opening bid of £600. or see this item at


St James’s gold mounted bottle and stopper, c.1749-60, estimate £2000-3000 at Catherine Southon.

Catherine Southon’s sale at Farleigh Golf Club in Sussex on November 17 includes a local collection of a dozen 18th century English porcelain scent bottles.

Assembled by a family member from the 1950s, it includes examples by both the Chelsea and the St James’s (Charles Gouyn) factories.

This St James’s gold mounted bottle and stopper, c.1749-60, is modelled as a harlequin holding a cup of wine while standing next to a barrel.

Estimate £2000-3000. or see this item at


Four Charles Darwin letters, estimated at £4000-6000 at Adam Partridge.

A collection of four Charles Darwin (1808-82) letters comes for sale at Adam Partridge in Macclesfield on November 18-19.

The letters, one written and autographed by Darwin and three written by his wife Emma and signed by Darwin, were penned in 1869 to Charles Caster Tait, a British naturalist and author of The Birds of Portugal in 1924.

All four discuss Tait acquiring specimens of Drosophyllum Lusitanicum from Portugal for Darwin and their delivery to him; a February 2 letter includes notes on tailless dogs while letters dated February 24 and April 18 reference the horns of Merinos sheep – thought to be a response to Darwin’s publication of The Variations of Animals and Plants Under Domestication in 1868. He adds that he is not very well following a fall from his horse.

Estimate £4000-6000. or see this item at


Davenport miniature teapot c.1830-40, estimated at £80-120 at Halls.

Halls of Shrewsbury is selling the Enid and Bruce Moulder collection of toy teawares via a timed online auction that closes on November 23.

The collection began in 1977 with the purchase of a child’s tea service from an antiques shop in Woburn and continued growing until 2010. Some elements were sadly lost in a fire but more than 400 pieces remain, including this Davenport miniature teapot c.1830-40 (estimate £80-120).

Small bone china, porcelain and earthenware tea cups and saucers were produced as novelties but also so young girls could learn domestic skills. An article in the July 1866 issue of Godey’s Lady’s Book titled ‘Domestic Education’ indicates that competency in the tea ritual was an important part of a young woman’s maturing: “The next great step is in allowing little miss to make the tea, which is a very great promotion indeed, and ere many years go by she presides at the tea and breakfast table with a perfect sense of what is required of her.” or see this item at


Red chalk on paper study of hands at prayer by Italian artist Cesare Dandini, estimated at £500-700 at Roseberys.

The Old Masters and 19th century picture sale at Roseberys London on November 17 includes this 7in (18cm) red chalk on paper study of hands at prayer by Italian artist Cesare Dandini (1596-1656). Bearing a number of inscriptions, it was last sold at Christie’s in 1991.

Estimate £500-700. or see this item at


Mid-19th century Chinese Canton school oil on canvas, estimated at £2000-3000 at Semley Auctions.

This mid-19th century Chinese Canton school oil on canvas, 16 x 13in (40 x 33cm) depicts the Qing official Yeh Ming-Chen (1807-59).

As the viceroy of Guandong Province and Governor of Liangguang he was known for his resistance to British influence in Canton, although he proved ineffective on the battlefield. In Guangzhou he was known as the ‘six nots’: “he would not fight; he would not make peace; he would not take steps for defence; he would not die; he would not surrender; and he would not flee.” He died of sickness as a prisoner of war in Fort William, Calcutta.

Several similar paintings of the sitter are known including another sold by Christie’s in London in 2019. At Semley Auctions in Shaftesbury, Dorset, on November 13, this example is guided at £2000-3000. or see this item at

This Lumière Brothers cinema film of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee, 1897, comes contained in the original 3in (7.5cm) can with the lid embossed Cinematographe Auguste & Louis Lumiere.

It is on offer at Flints in Thatcham, Berkshire, on November 18-19.

Estimate £2000-3000. or see this item at