Trade card for Samuel Brothers tailors – £225 from Barbara Loe.

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Twenty-four confirmed dealers are standing and several more expected, said the society’s chair Valerie Jackson-Harris, herself an ephemera dealer.

She added: “We have some overseas dealers coming including Barbara Loe from the US with American ephemera and Philippe Patou from France is bringing paper toys and games. Other specialists include Tony Michaels who deals in advertising material and catalogues and Richard Gold will have Judaica items.”

Decorative additions

Diecut ‘scraps’ or picture sheets were popular in the Victorian era as decorative additions to Christmas cards. A lively and unused German example, printed for the English market c.1895 costs £48 from dealer Jackson-Harris at the fair.

Loe’s stock includes trade cards, a popular area for ephemera collectors, such as one priced at £225 for Samuel Brothers, bespoke tailor in London which opened in 1830 and which is still in business based in Aldershot.


Diecut ‘scraps’ or picture sheet German example printed for the English market c.1895 priced £48 from dealer Valerie Jackson-Harris.