Andrew Muir.

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1 What challenges are facing the trade in the coming months?

This is a good question and pertinent. There are many challenges, we are in tough times in many respects, fairs are struggling to get going again and the public has fallen in love with glorified TV auctions and that in itself presents another challenge.

Fairs costs are also rising and everything seems to be just generally difficult. We are not out of the woods yet and need to keep going.

2 Have you noticed any collecting trends in the last 6-12 months?

Collecting trends change all the time. People forget that apart from the very top end of things we are in a fashion business and to be successful within that you have to watch everything and go with it.

There has been a big push towards online over the last 18 months. New collectors want to sit on phones and tablets and buy while they are doing other things.

I have also noticed that new younger wealth doesn’t care about price of anything – if it is current and relevant, they want to buy it just to own it. Just look at Banksy prints this last 12 months – you won’t want to be sitting on a few of those in 10 years!


The range of Andrew Muir’s stock: vase by Lucie Rie from the 1980s (£15,000), 1930s Clarice Cliff Applique Lucerne lotus jug (£5500) and Martin Brothers bird dating from the 1890s (£45,000).

3 Who do you admire from the art and antiques world?

To be honest I admire anybody who makes a real success of this business through being smart and working hard. Whether they come from money or not, it is still very easy to make a mess of this game and those that succeed deserve it.

4 One lesson you would pass on to others in the trade?

Learn, absorb knowledge like a sponge, deal with the right dealers and the right people and work very, very hard. This is a relentless job but if you work hard and are straight with people it’s great and you will be rewarded.

5 What is one thing you couldn’t do without?

My bank manager!

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