This armchair, conceived in the 1930s by Gerald Summers for Makers of Simple Furniture, is estimated at £12,000-18,000 in Sotheby’s online auction of items from art dealer Peter Petrou.

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Leonora Petrou, wife of London art dealer Peter Petrou, is reflecting on the couple’s four decades of dealing in antiques and works of art.

She tells ATG during this time their interests and tastes have changed, moving from English furniture and continental porcelain across the world and through history to encompass such diverse areas as antiquities and Polynesian works of art.

Now, prompted by a move to a smaller home, the couple have brought together pieces from their own collection and stock reflecting their diverse interests and eclectic tastes for an online auction with Sotheby’s.

Titled Worlds within Worlds and spanning antiquities to Contemporary art, the 200-lot auction runs from September 10-21 and comes with a printed catalogue – an increasingly rare sight at London auctions.

Among Leonora’s favourite pieces are two armchairs made from a single sheet of cut and bent birch plywood by British Mid-century Modern furniture designer Gerald Summers (1899-1967) and his company Makers of Simple Furniture.

The pair are priced at £12,000-18,000 each.