Dealer Callum Jackson of Jacksons Antique.

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1 How did you get your start?

Ever since I was young I used to buy things like Gameboys to sell on for a profit, and I’d always been keen on eBay and reselling.

It just so happened that I lived next door to an antiques dealer. I used to lug marble figures and bronzes into a van to help him out. Then he asked me to start putting a few things online and I ended up making more money on that than my full-time job.

2 What challenges are facing the trade in the coming months?

The uncertainty of what’s going on in the world is affecting the trade, but going forward, trying to reach younger markets is what I’m trying to do and it’s hard.

3 What recent collecting trends have you noticed?

I think a big thing at the minute is Midcentury design. All the Swedish and Norwegian design is huge, and Art Deco is trending at the moment. Also, Roman sculptures and busts and columns. But I’ve noticed a general trend that people are wanting finer quality things, as opposed to a few years ago when they’d settle for anything – people have become very picky and want higherquality items.

4 What is one item you couldn’t do without?

A really controversial answer but it’s got to be the internet. Without that, I wouldn’t have a business, which is against the grain of what a lot of antique dealers would say. I did everything backwards: I started online and now I’m at the fairs trying to get people to recognise me in person.

5 Real ale or espresso martini?

I love coffee but I also love a beer… I’d start with a beer and end with an espresso martini.

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