Haviland plate from the ‘Rutherford White House’ dinner service – $1500 (£1250) at Bonhams Skinner.

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The cost of production was such that Haviland requested to make a limited number of duplicate sets that could be sold to the public, and records indicate that about 20 sets may have been made. These pieces were distinguished by the addition of a blue patent information on the back of the plate, in addition to the presidential eagle, the signature of the designer Theodore R Davis and manufacturer’s marks.

A 9in (22cm) plate painted with a sora rail is just one of the 12 different bird designs that were created for the game course. In very good condition, it took $1500 (£1250) at Bonhams Skinner.

French Japonisme


Gilt bronze and enamelled glass Japonisme vase in the manner of Baccarat – $7500 (£6250) at Bonhams Skinner.

Estimated at $400-600, a 13in (33cm) enamelled and gilt bronze mounted glass vase decorated in the Japonisme style took $7500 (£6250).

It was unattributed but pieces of this type and quality are associated with a number of late 19th century French firms including the marchand-éditeur and boutique L’Escalier de Cristal, François-Eugène Rousseau at Clichy and Emile Galle at Baccarat.