Emily Bateman (quite possibly on the mean streets of Stamford, where her new crime novel is set).

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On this occasion, however, it could spell out the start of the career of a crime novelist whose surname is strangely familiar: EC Bateman.

Bateman does indeed relate to the Lincolnshire auction house of that title: ‘EC’ is Emily Bateman, who is married to Batemans’ managing director Greg and works alongside him at the firm based in Stamford.

Batemans says: “The force behind our specialist Jewellery & Watches, Silver & Gold sales, some of you will have seen her in our office or spoken to her on the phone.

“However, what you may not know is that Emily is also an author, with several books published by HarperCollins.

“Now she is releasing an exciting new series of murder mystery novels set in Stamford.”

Knocked down at

Which brings us back to that Death at the Auction, Emily’s first novel, which kicks off in the fictional Grant’s auction house on Broad Street in the town.

According to the blurb: “When an accident forces Felicia Grant back to her family’s auction house in Stamford, she vows it’ll only be a flying visit. But as the gavel falls on the final lot, a hidden secret is revealed - the body of her father’s business rival, murdered during the packed sale!

“Soon, Felicia is swept into a mystery that has everyone in the community as a potential suspect - including her. As the body count rises and with the people she loves under threat, Felicia takes matters into her own hands. But even the most picturesque place has its secrets…”


The cover of the novel by Emily Bateman.

Kept busy

When not knee deep in antiques, Emily and Greg are “kept busy with their baby daughter Flossie, who was born in July, and their effervescent cocker spaniel Audrey, who loves nothing better than to drag them at full pelt around Stamford’s cobbled streets”.

A love of writing runs in the family: Emily’s sister-in-law Kate, who also works as an auctioneer and TV expert, writes historical romance novels. Her latest, A Wicked Game, is out soon.

Batemans was founded by fine art and antiques dealer Ron Bateman with Kate on Broad Street. In 2008 the firm moved to Ryhall Road. Greg took over Batemans in 2011.