The Vizagatapam, India, c.1830- 50, ivory chess set in the collection of Holger Langer (ATG No 2550).

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Of course, the set is in Germany and, as far as I know, he is not selling it, but the question illustrates a point: sadly, it is ancient ivory objects like this that we will no longer be admiring in the UK at all the great fairs, from the dealers of the fabulous ivory works of art they used to offer.

They can only do so abroad because of an ignorant government that chose to pay no attention to the opinions of experts and long-experienced dealers in this field.

Collect call

I enjoy reading the collector interview series in the ATG. One week, the rare or antiquated chess sets, the other Japanese prints (ATG No 2549).

I hope this series continues regularly, as along with all the auction reports, books and works on paper and events etc reported in the newspaper, it’s so interesting to read of everyday collectors’ passions and the reasons behind their collections.

Robert Duckworth

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