Figure of the Tibetan Buddhist deity Dorje Legpa in the incarnation of Damchen Garwai Nakpo – estimate €25,000-35,000 at Nagel.

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His name translates as ‘oathbound benign thunderbolt” and he was one of the protectors of Buddhist teachings. He is depicted riding side-saddle on a billy goat whose horns are twisted together. The deity has flaming hair and a crown of five human skulls. He is carrying his two attributes as a blacksmith: a long-handled hammer and a pair of bellows.

This 18th century Chinese figure was cast in copper alloy and then fire gilded. It is far less drastic than other versions, in that the base is formed of lotus flowers, whereas other examples show the goat riding through a lake of enemy blood.

Estimate €25,000-35,000.