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A table showing the total carbon saving from items purchased at auctions on ATG marketplaces appears above.

According to our estimates, every year the purchase and use of just these 15 items sold second-hand at auctions run on our marketplaces is equivalent to about 1 million tonnes of carbon emissions saved*.

This is compared to a worst-case scenario in which all these items were discarded and equivalent new products purchased instead.

* Source: Analysis of the carbon footprint of a basket of 15 popular items sold at auctions held on ATG’s marketplaces globally, calculated by Small World Consulting on behalf of ATG. All product carbon assessment contains considerable uncertainty. Each carbon estimate was based on a series of product-based assumptions. We allocated all the embodied emissions of new products to their original purchaser, so that second-hand goods contained no embodied carbon. We assumed that end-of-life emissions were very small compared to other life cycle stages, so end-of-life emissions were not included in our estimates.