The obituary of Cindy Mainwaring in ATG No 2539.

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I would like to correct one slight error in her obituary, however. When I met Cindy in 1992 she was running a car boot fair in Sydney Street and “an indoor car boot fair”, as she called it, at the Chelsea Town Hall.

By 1992 I had already been running very successful monthly antiques fairs at the Horticultural Hall, Porchester Hall, Hampstead Town Hall and the Selfridge Hotel for a number of years.

I approached Cindy with the aim to acquire her Chelsea fair from her. She sold me her Saturday fair (which eventually morphed into Frock Me vintage fashion fair) and I helped her establish and run a monthly Sunday antiques fair at the Chelsea Town Hall, which always followed on from my Saturday event.

Although Cindy had been running her Saturday bric-a-brac fairs for a number of years, she had no experience of running antiques fairs at that time and it was I who guided Cindy in this respect, not the other way around.

Matthew Adams

Adams Antiques Fairs