Will Kirk and Christina Trevanion with their mobile auction house.

Image: STV Studios/BBC

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The Travelling Auctioneers is airing every weekday for three weeks. It involves the pair taking their bespoke mobile auction house and workshop out on the road across the UK.

Along the way, they unearth hidden gems and turn unwanted items into winning lots – with one lucky couple making more than £9000 in the series.

Sifting through one family home at a time, they identify items that could have the biggest selling appeal as Kirk restores neglected treasures – ready for an on-site auction at the end of each episode with online bidding via

Kirk says: “When a lot of people hear the word ‘antique’ they think it applies only to people who have large country estates and lots of money. The Travelling Auctioneers shows us that we’ve all got items lurking around the house or in our garages that with just a little bit of attention and repair have the potential for a new lease of life.”

The show is on BBC One at 4.30pm, with episodes also available on BBC iPlayer.