Corner cabinet in the form of the trunk of an oak tree given by Queen Carola to King Albert of Saxony in 1879 – estimate €40,000-60,000 at Nagel.

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The building situated between Leipzig and Dresden was refurnished and filled with trophies and paintings about all aspects of hunting.

For Christmas 1879, his wife Queen Carola gave him a gun-cabinet that she had made by the famous Dresden furniture maker Otto Schubert.

The 8ft 2in (2.5m) corner cabinet in the form of the trunk of an oak tree is surmounted by an eagle. The inside is mirrored and has room for five weapons, with a small drawer for ammunition. Two brass plaques document the maker and the fact that this was a present from the queen.

King Albert died in 1902 and was succeeded by his brother Georg, who reigned only for two years, however. In 1918, after the dissolution of the monarchy, the inventory of Wermsdorf was removed and later many pieces were sold at auction.

The Saxon state archives contain several inventories and other documents that refer to the cabinet, the last dating to 1924.

The cabinet is currently one of the exhibits at an exhibition devoted to the history of the Saxon royal family which is being held in another one-time royal residence, Schloss Hubertusburg.

On November 16-17, about two weeks after the exhibition closes, it is coming up for sale at Nagel in Stuttgart where it is expected to bring €40,000-60,000.