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Adams Antiques Fairs takes this matter very seriously indeed. In an effort to minimise the risk of crime we have doubled the number of professional security guards on site throughout the day.

In addition to the increased number of hall and event staff, Royal Horticultural Halls Limited have added extra CCTV cameras around the venue.

Unloading in the morning and packing up at the end of the day can often leave an exhibitor vulnerable to theft so we are increasing the number of porters working at the fair.

With their large flatbed trolleys, they can do all the carrying into and out of the venue in one go and even pack it all into the exhibitors’ vehicles.

We are also advising all our stallholders to not only remain focused and vigilant throughout the day but also to vary their route to and from the fair along with their departure time from home.

Useful guidance

Our exhibitors’ safety and security is paramount and we will do whatever is needed to allow them to continue trading without the fear of crime.

We have issued guidance to all our exhibitors.

In addition to the hall and event staff, Royal Horticultural Halls Limited have a number of CCTV cameras around the venue.

There are also a number of things that you can do to help minimise risk:

• Be constantly vigilant! Be alert – don’t just watch your own stand & stock but also watch out for your neighbours.

• If you suspect that someone is a known thief, alert one of the security guards as soon as possible.

• If you are working on your own, why not get one of our porters to take all your stock to & from your vehicle?

They have great big flatbed trolleys and can do all the carrying in one go and even pack it all into your car for you.

• Never leave your stock unattended, either in the Hall or in your car unless this is absolutely unavoidable.

• Vary your routine – both in driving to the fair and in driving home. Vary your departure times and route.

• Always remain focused!

Matthew Adams

Adams Antiques Fairs

Kempton Park security

We have, and have always had a security presence at Kempton Park provided through our contract with the Jockey Club. They supply security personnel and obviously have CCTV within the racecourse.

We add to this on event days with our own stewards who patrol overtly and covertly throughout the day.

With the recent publicised spate of thefts, in addition to this we have taken the decision to employ a dedicated SIA Security Personnel who will work solely with our traders and customers throughout the event to bolster our existing security while providing an extra ‘physical presence’.

We have also been in contact with other event locations and gained some CCTV stills of suspicious individuals of which we displayed throughout the exhibition halls.

I recently spoke to one of our traders who uses his own CCTV which covers his whole stand and said he would be happy to share any footage of suspicious activity.

Increased vigilance

With the increased publicity and the sense of community within the antiques trade everyone is ever more vigilant looking out for one another; taking turns to help them pack up or look after their stands.

I’ve even stood behind and looked after a trader’s pitch while they visited the WC.

We will continuously review our security protocols and with increased vigilance, awareness, and collaboration with the authorities we all hope these individuals will face prosecution.

Edward Cruttenden

Sunbury Antiques