Neri da Rimini, Christ Blessing (leaf from Antiphonal) Italy, Rimini 1310-14, tempera and gold leaf on parchment.

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It is not specific to Hollywood - the idea that the medieval world came with a permanent grey filter is an update on an idea first perpetuated in the Renaissance.

To combat these assumptions, Les Enluminures is staging The Colour of Medieval Life at its New York gallery until January 10.

It brings together a variety of pieces in vibrant shades, celebrating life in the Middle Ages and early Renaissance and showing how colours were used in the 14th-16th centuries.

In the case of gemstones, their colour signified meaning. The red of rubies were symbols of passion; purple amethysts were seen as antidotes against intoxication or melancholia. In the world of manuscript illumination, blue and white represented purity, chastity and innocence.

Among the works featured are manuscripts, miniatures and jewellery.

Prices range from $10,000-650,000.